Risks Associated With a Fake Ray Ban Glasses


We all know skin can be burned if it is exposed to the sun for some time, but apart from that, only a few people realize that their eyes are also vulnerable to this exposure. The ultraviolet rays from the sun are most damaging to the human body.fb472f7d9b08447e24f16e62f00cb805

Online shopping today is going way to high and achieving new milestones every day, especially in India where people like to buy different things at a relatively very low price. It’s a human nature that sometimes whenever we see our profit while buying things we straight away go for that deal without even looking at the quality of the product and this thing is very popular among the middle-class persons.

What are the UV Rays?Golden-SClassOriginalSunglasses

These are the ultraviolet rays that come to earth from the Light source SUN. Basically, two of them are very harmful to human life on earth they are – UVA and UVB. They can do more harm to our eyes as a comparison to other body parts. In a shortage of a powerful UV protection, people are letting harmful UV light into their eyes.

Are they really harmful to our eyes?ray-ban-clubmaster

Sunglasses that don’t have the ability to block UV rays may sometimes offer you relief from visible light, but the sudden exposure to UVA Rays and UVB Rays can be more harmful. Sunglasses without powerful protection from both UVA and UVB rays didn’t do anything at all they simply filter out the ambient light of the sun and simply can lower the SUN’s glare.11955782-ray-ban-aviator-sunglasses-gold

Apart from this additional exposure to both UVA and UVB rays can put you in a risk of cataracts i.e. the clouding of the lens, macular pain in eyes and a very rare type of cancer of eyes. Today it is getting very difficult to put the safety message across the globe because sunglasses are now been treated as fashionable products rather than being eye protection.

Does the price matters?ray5

IT is not always true that high price tags of any product will give you better quality. UV protection costs only some pennies so it is not the price that concerned here but sometimes inexpensive products may have the marginal quality of optics. They don’t do anything but it can be leading to a headache, laziness etc.

Some checks for Authenticity3248f6312f04deceb2e1b020e9060243

You should always look for the quality of the metal used in the corners of glasses. They should be cleaned and not glued or should not be held in place with low-quality plastic.

Almost every model of glasses by Ray Ban should have a small; almost negligible sized “RB” will be attached in the form of a trademark of a Ray-Ban in front on the lenses. This should be very small and also to the edge of the lens.ray-ban-new-wayfarer-red-pattern-rayban5744and-associated-risks-are-often-permanent

Mostly Ray ban glasses are made from high-quality materials even the part of a frame that site on our nose should give you a feel of comfort when wearing it. They should not feel easy to remove, fragile or slimy. There is a small RB (Ray Ban) logo attached to every genuine product of Ray Ban glasses in the center of nose pads.


How To Spot Fakes

So you have decided to buy a pair of Ray-Bans? But you don’t know how to figure out the original ones from the fake. You already know that there are many retailers, websites, and vendors out there that that are selling the fake Ray-Ban sunglasses. That is why it may get difficult sometimes to determine which one is the original and which one is fake.

Ray-Ban is an American manufacturer, but it is now owned by the Luxottica Group in Italy. Do a little research when buying a pair of Ray-Bans and know that the original Ray-Ban sunglasses are handmade in Italy, and these are excellent qualities with best finishes. You don’t want to embarrass yourself by wearing a fake pair of Ray-Bans, and that is why this post is designed to help you how to distinguish the original ones from the fake ones.


First of all, it is important to know that Ray-Ban used to be manufactured in the United States and after that in 1999 the Italian group Luxottica bought Bausch and Lomb. So, look out for these inscriptions in your kit which says “Bausch and Lomb” or “B &L.” If you find these inscriptions in your kit, then know that you are holding a pair of fake Ray-Bans. It Is crucial to notice that most original Ray-Ban sunglasses are packaged in a branded retail box. Check for the print, color and image quality of the logo on the box. However be aware of the fact that original or genuine packaging can also accompany counterfeit sunglasses.


When determining original pairs of Ray-Ban always make sure to verify the retail box label details and manufacturer information, barcode, model name, frame and lens description. Check whether these details are matching the details of the sunglasses and the details printed on the inside arm of the sunglasses themselves, and the paperwork that is related to the product.


Know that an original Ray-Ban comes in a black or tan case with the Ray-Ban logo printed on the front. The inside of the case is lined in red or black. Then check out for the model number and sizing details on the left temple arm of the Ray-Ban sunglass. Make sure to check again for any errors in font size, spacing or alignment.


When buying a Ray-Ban always check the quality of the lens sticker. It has to be good. Otherwise, it Is a fake one. The color of the sticker should be black and gold, and there will be the Ray-Ban logo in the middle. Another thing you can do when buying Ray-Ban is to go to stores or retailers that are licensed. Eventually, there are lots of stores selling the fake ones.


If you are considering reporting fake Ray-Bans to the authorities who can take action, then you can directly contact the Luxottica Group. You can report it to them. You could always hire a private eye to pose as a customer, and to ask questions of the vendors.


In conclusion, the guidelines that are outlined above will help you to identify and distinguish the original ones from the fake ones. Always be careful and know that it is best to buy from a licensed retailer.